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How does Outple work

Step 1
Identify transactional and operational business processes

Our specialist team review 6 core business functions to identify the catalogue of business services required for the business to function and comply with local laws and regulations. We recommend of those suitable to outsource and offshore.

Step 2
Present value and pricing of outsourced services

We prepare a comparison of onshore services provided by skilled staff in the client’s country of operation with our outsourced service. We will then article our 3 points of value for the client, our business, and the talent that we employ. We clearly articulate the savings that can be achieved by the client.

Step 3
Talent identification in local markets

Once we have agreed upon business processes and roles suitable for outsourcing we will begin advertising and interviewing for talent. We typically received 800+ CVs for each role which we sift to 6 high quality applicants with desired qualifications and required skills who we encourage the client to interview.

Step 4
Engage and conclude outsourced services agreement

Service contract is executed with the client, local employment contracts are negotiated, GDPR compliance is confirmed and the engagement begins with a probabtionary period of typically 6 months.

We are committed to outsourcing core business processes, improving quality and optimizing costs.

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