James Sagoe
Managing Director, Fortius Telecoms

We operate in an industry where margins are tight and it’s important that we optimise our operational expenditure. We have a Administrative and Human Resource requirements that are extensive as we are in the business of managing people. Outple helped us to fulfil these requirements through the hire of Walu – who brightened up our workplace and improved engagement and motivation across all of our 11 UK employees.

Carlos Bock
Chairman, Digital Infrastructure

Outple are a core supplier of talented individuals that drive the bookkeeping, financial analytics, budgeting, planning and reporting process for our business. We reviewed a cost / benefit of building this team in the UK and Offshore and we’ve found that by outsourcing and offshoring these services we have reduced the operational expenditure in our business and increased diversity.

Marta Comas
CEO, Hey Broadband

We began hiring our team onshore in the UK and we had found that salaries of £21,000 were being commanded in London for entry level customer service and call centre roles. Outple offered us talent of higher quality offshore at a more efficient price. This has driven value and quality into our business.

Dave Mountain
Founder, Umodzi Gin

The ethos of Umodzi Gin is that our product and our brand is born and built on the contient so it was really important for us to employ our staff overseas in the continent of Africa. Outple provided the service through which we could do this simply and without taking on the burden of local employment laws and taxes.

The Outple Approach

We’ve experienced and share your pain points with recruiting talent into a business. We don’t operate like your typical recruitment business. That’s why we source talent for free and if the hire doesn’t make the probation period, we will offer alternatives free of charge.

We create value for our business by charging a service fee on everyone that you engage through Outple – this covers our insurances, GDPR compliance, office rental, risk and our business profit.

We ensure that your business saves on the cost of employing onshore, that we offer candidates overseas a rate at the top end of the local market to acquire the best talent and we find it this situation that we all win and there are three happy parties – the client, the employee and Outple.

The Outple Advantage


Optimise business operational expenditure with hiring talented staff offshore – creating value for shareholders.


Find quality resource that will be committed to your business for longer that the average employment of 2 years in the Europe.


Increase diversity of talent and thought within your business through sourcing your talent overseas.

The Outple Team

Atupele Kampesi
Office Manager
Susan Whisky
Customer Service Advisor
Nicole Kamwendo
Customer Service Advisor
Tony Chaula
Bookkeeping/Finance Assistant
Tionge Kamanga
Financial Reporting Manager (ACCA)
Tadala Chiomba
HR Advisor
Virtual Assistant
Graphic Designer
Customer Service
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